We guarantee

  • We, Arco Transport AS, never cancel previously approved transport orders.
  • We never change the price of an approved transport order after order confirmation.
  • We will compensate, according to the law, the client for any delays caused by us.


A. If the goods are delivered after the date determined under § 6, par. 1, the freight forwarder shall compensate the customer for such direct and reasonable expenses that could have been foreseen as probable consequences of the delay at the time of the conclusion of the contract. The amount cannot exceed a sum corresponding to the amount agreed upon in the contract concerning freight or other compensation.

B. When a time guarantee has been agreed upon, according to § 6, par. 2, and the agreed time of transport has been exceeded, the freight forwarder shall, unless otherwise agreed, credit the customer for the freight or any other compensation agreed upon for the transport. This does not apply if the delay was caused by circumstances beyond the freight forwarder’s own control.
The customer shall be considered to have suffered a loss equivalent to the amount of the freight, as long as it cannot be shown that the amount of the loss is smaller. In the latter case only the amount equivalent to the actual loss shall be credited.
Compensation for delay shall never exceed the amount of the freight.

Arco Transport AS as forwarder and our subcontractors as hauliers are fully insured.

Arco Transport AS handle all claims on goods damaged during transport according to the CMR convention and General Conditions of Estonian Freight Forwarders Association.


Compensation for loss or depreciation of goods shall be calculated on the basis of their invoice value, unless it is proved that their market value, or the current value of goods of the same kind and nature at the time and place the freight forwarder took over the goods was different from the invoice value. Compensation will not be paid for antique value, sentimental value or other special value.
Freight charges, customs charges and other outlays connected with the transport of the goods lost will also be compensated. Apart from that, the freight forwarder is not obliged to pay any compensation, e.g. for loss of profit, loss of market or other loss of any kind whatsoever.


Compensation for damaged goods shall be paid with an amount equivalent to the extent of depreciation in value. The amount is arrived at by using the percentage of depreciation in value consequent upon damage to the goods, in relation to the value of the goods, as laid down in § 17, par.1. Expenses referred to in § 17, par.2, first sentence, will also be paid to the same extent, but apart from this, the freight forwarder is not obliged to pay any further compensation.


If the freight forwarder has paid the full value of the goods, they may take over title to the goods if they so desire.