Customs services

We offer customs declaration services, which include everything from the printing of declarations to the performing of customs formalities. We have an opportunity to offer our customers convenient international transportation services together with fast customs clearance.

Tollliteenused avaleht-2Regardless of the reduced need for customs clearance after joining the European Union on May 1, 2004, the process has become more complex, time consuming and involves even more responsibility due to the new Customs Code in force. 

Customs agency offers you the following services:

  • clearance of import and export declarations;
  • guaranteeing of transit transportation;
  • preparation of entry declarations (SD) – simple and fast customs procedures for transporting goods across borders;
  • extended payment terms for customs duties;
  • completion and preparation of the required CMR (international waybill);
  • preparation of the TIR carnet and its formalising at the customs;consultations on all customs matters;
  • completion and submission of Intrastat reports.

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