Support Services

Customs Services

Arco Transport organises International freights already since the beginning of 1998. The goods are transported customs free in the European Union. However, if you need to transport goods to or from outside the EU (eg Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Switzerland, China etc), you need to consider the customs procedures as well. We offer customs services through our good and reliable co-operation partners in Estonia. Therefore if you need help with the customs services, please do not hesitate to contact your freight forwarder. Read more about the customs services.

Cargo insurance

Your cargo is insured up to 8.33 SDR in road transport and up to 2 SDR in maritime transport. Therefore extra freight insurance would be advisable when transporting light weight and valuable goods. Thereby feel free to ask for cargo insurance from your freight forwarder or send us request by using the contact field on the left. Read more about the cargo insurance

Warehousing services

If you need warehousing services in Estonia, ask for a solution from our sales team or send an inquiry from the contact field on the left.