Cargo Insurance

When transporting a customer’s goods, all transport companies take responsibility to deliver the goods from the consignor to the consignee intact and without losses; but it is important to keep in mind that both the liabilities of the carrier and the forwarder are limited.

In the case of road transport, the upper limit of the carrier’s liability by the CMR Convention is 8.33 SDR per one brut kg of the goods. SDR (special drawing rights) is an official monetary unit of IMF and its exchange rate is usually stated together with the other currency exchange rates.

Thus, in case of loss or damage of the goods while transporting 1 EUR pallet which weighs 200 kg, the CMR insurance will cover ~1900 EUR as maximum (June 2013), but naturally not more than the actual value of the goods.

NB! If your cargo is light but valuable, then extra cargo insurance (which entirely covers the value of the goods) would be a good idea to think about. 

We can offer additional insurance through our partner Vagner.

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